Beef is an open source performance-oriented compiled programming language which has been built hand-in-hand with its IDE environment.

Binaries are available for Windows, and building from source is supported on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

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Custom IDE

The Beef Development Tools include an IDE with a general-purpose debugger capable of debugging native applications written in any language.

Productivity Features

The IDE supports productivity features such as autocomplete, fixits, reformatting, refactoring tools, type inspection, hot compilation, and a built-in profiler.

Mixed Builds

Beef allows for safely mixing different optimization levels on a per-type or per-method level, allowing for performance-critical code to be executed at maximum speed without affecting debuggability of the rest of the application.

Real-time Leak Detection

Beef can detect memory leaks in real-time. As with most safety features in Beef, this can be turned off in Release builds for performance-critical applications.


Version 0.43.1

November 22, 2021
Release Notes
Windows Installer - 120.4MB
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Nightly releases are available if you need access to the latest features.
Latest Nightly Release for Windows
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Community-managed list of Beef frameworks, libraries, and resources